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When you want over 35 years of experience in lawn fertilization and bug control working on your property, you want Parmley Environmental Services. Our programs for lawn care in the Orlando area are customized and designed to keep your grass looking good and thriving all year long.

Our extensive line of services includes:
●    Lawn fertilization
●    Shrub fertilization
●    Weed control
●    Disease control
●    Insect control
●    In-house pest control which includes roaches and ants

About Us
We are a family owned and operated lawn service company in the Orlando area so you can be confident that you are working with an organization familiar with the area. We know the type of grasses as well as plant life found in this part of Florida, and is backed by the decades of experience caring for them. Whether you have a residential property or a commercial property in need of lawn treatment, bug control or tree & shrub care, you can rely on Parmley Environmental Services.

Licensed and Certified
All of the technicians who work with Parmley Environmental Services are state licensed and certified. This includes a certification in Best Management Practice which is a specific certification given to those who use the methods and practices to help protect the Florida ground water. As folks who like to be outdoors, we want to ensure the environment in Florida remains as vibrant as ever.

Customized Program
We mix our lawn fertilizer at your property so you get the right blend to maximize the results on your yard. Many lawn care companies just take a blanket approach but we recognize that each lawn is different and not subject to the same level of care as others.

Customer Satisfaction
We care about your satisfaction and want to ensure you have the lawn you deserve. If you are unsatisfied with the way your lawn looks between lawn treatment services, we will return, examine the problem, conduct pH testing if needed, and go forth with a retreatment process at no additional cost. It does not matter how many times we need to return, if you are not happy with the results, we will strive to give you the look you desire. If, for whatever reason, we are unable to produce the results you want, we will even refund your last application.

Pest Control
On top of our lawn service, we have a comprehensive bug control and ant control program to keep the interior of your home free of annoying pests and to help keep your lawn and landscaping free of any invasive insects that could cause harm to your property and even you and your pets. This includes spraying for fleas both inside and out so your dog does not drag in these itchy bugs. As part of our pest prevention, we spray the exterior of the home so there is a barrier to prevent insects from entering. If they come in after we spray, we will treat the inside of the home at no additional cost; an initial clean out must take place though before the exterior application would be considered effective.

Chinch bugs can be a major issue in Florida because they love feeding on our grass. They can leave large patches of lawn looking brown and dead which is why it is best to take care of this problem before they have a chance to thrive. With our bug control services, we can help manage these insects so your lawn retains its lush and green look. If a portion of your lawn does due to Chinch bug activity after we have treated for it, you can expect us to pay to replace your lawn.

Referrals & Discounts
At Parmley Environmental Services, we are confident that we will provide our customers with high-quality service that keeps their lawn and landscaping looking great. If you are looking to save on your lawn fertilizer and lawn service, we offer the following:
●    $25 off for referrals on your next application
●    10% off for first responders
●    10% off for veterans
●    10% prepay discount

Maintaining a lawn in Florida can be challenging and time-consuming. You should have the curb appeal that your home deserves and you should be proud of the look of your lawn. We have the lawn service to help maximize the value of your home and the ant control to keep these little insects from invading your kitchen.

If you are looking for reliable pest services and lawn care in Orlando area, give Parmley Environmental Services a call.