Lawn Care Saint Cloud FL

Are you struggling to get the level of lawn care that provides you with lush green grass and beautiful landscaping? Give Parmley Environmental Services a call for the excellent lawn care your commercial property or residential property deserves. We offer high quality and professional lawn care in the Orlando area that can be customized and built to cater directly to your lawn. We offer decades of experience in managing:
●    St. Augustine grass
●    Zoysia grass
●    Centipede grass
●    And more

Lawn Fertilizer
Regardless of the turf on your yard, you can expect maximum results when you use Parmley Environmental Services for your lawn fertilization needs. Our lawn fertilizer is a dry, slow release fertilizer to ensure that the roots of your grass receive the nutrients they need to grow strong and remain active all year long. We will also use liquid micro-nutrients and liquid organic fertilizers when appropriate. Most yards will receive six lawn fertilization treatments throughout the year at various intervals and during these times we will be able to spot any stubborn weed growth or the invasion of diseases or fungus that need to be controlled.

Weed Control
And those pesky weeds? We mix the right weed control in to ensure everything from broadleaf weeds to crabgrass are managed and eradicated. Each time we visit your property, we will be able to see if any stubborn weeds are making it through the soil and ruining the look of your beautiful lawn and take care of it with the right level of lawn treatment.

Fungi & Disease
Fungus and diseases can be a serious issue in Florida too. They can look like many forms such as dead grass or spots or threads. If you notice, or you suspect, that your yard has been hit with a fungus or a disease at some point between our treatments, you will want to give us a call and have it taken care of much sooner rather than later. Some of the reasons you may experience fungus growth in your grass could include:
●    Droughts
●    Overwatering
●    Too much humidity
●    Mowing the lawn too low

As you know, in the Orlando area, humidity and rain are always weather related events we have to contend with so be aware of fungus growth because it can hit any time of year. Call Parmley Environmental Services to have a professional use the appropriate amount of fungicide to rid your lawn of fungus while maintaining ethical and environmentally-friendly procedures.

Licensed and Certified
All of the technicians at Parmley Environmental Services are state licensed and certified to ensure we are up to standard with governmental guidelines. We also maintain a Certification in Best Management Practice which means we have proven our commitment to protecting the Florida ground water.

Customer Satisfaction
If you are not satisfied with the way your lawn looks between treatments, we will come back and retreat it at no additional charge. At Parmley Environmental Services, we are committed to ensuring your lawn is just how you would like it. We can even complete a pH level testing for your lawn so that we are mixing the ideal amount of fertilizer specific to your type of grass and the soil it is placed on. Our custom applications are mixed on-site after we have the opportunity to view your lawn and see what kind of condition it is in. Having the right mixture as opposed to any random blend will ensure your lawn grows strong and healthy by using the ideal amount of lawn fertilizer.

For lawn service that you can depend on, contact Parmley Environmental Services. Our personal service means you will get some of the best lawn care in the Orlando area.