Preventing damage

Chinch bugs love feeding on the kinds of grass that are in Florida. The bugs are most active when it’s warm, and cause damage year-round in some areas of Florida. 

One of the keys to preventing damage from chinch bugs is catching the infestation early, and working with a professional service to treat your lawn with the proper insecticide. We can help you spot chinch bugs if you are unable to do this, but there are some steps that you can take to try and determine if you have them.


Spotting chinch bugs

To spot the presence of chinch bugs early, look for signs of the insects in open, sunny areas of your lawn. You should also check around sidewalks and driveways. Just keep in mind that damage spotted does not necessarily mean you have chinch bugs, so if you are unsure, you can always have an expert come and review your property.


Our chinch bug protection program

Our chinch bug protection utilizes our six treatment program. We will come to your property on scheduled visits, and treat it with the proper insecticides to keep chinch bugs out. 

An important key to keeping chinch bugs away from your lawn is regularly caring for it. This includes mowing, fertilization, and proper irrigation. During the season that grass is growing, you should be mowing every week ideally. 

At Parmley Environmental Services, we are so confident in our chinch bug treatment that if your lawn is damaged after treatment, we will replace it. Our chinch bug protection program has helped residents in Florida for years, and we are eager to help you.  

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