Pest Control Saint Cloud FL

Whether you have pests on the inside of your home or on the outside damaging your lawn or landscaping, put your trust in Parmley Environmental Services to eradicate these insects. When you live in a place like the Orlando area where we experience year-round warm temperatures, the insect population has plenty of opportunity to thrive. This includes grubs feeding on your lawn and ants trying to break into your home. With reliable and consistent monitoring and bug control from Parmley Environmental Services, you can have a more comfortable life surrounded by beautiful grass and flourishing trees and shrubs.

Our pest prevention program is designed for all areas of your home:
●    Lawn
●    Trees
●    Shrubs
●    Bushes
●    Interior

We are a locally and family owned and operated company bringing over 35 years of experience to help successfully keep insects from bugging you. Our pest control services offer bug and ant control at both residential and commercial properties, and we stand by our work and the programs we have designed to rid the insects from your life. When you use Parmley Environmental Services, you are guaranteed to have results.

Pest Prevention Plan
If you are looking for bug control in the Orlando area, we offer an incredible pest prevention plan to keep the insects on the outside of the home. We do a complete pest control treatment around your home setting up a barrier to stop bugs before they have a chance to enter. If ants, roaches or other insects we have sprayed for do cross the threshold, we will treat the inside of your home at no additional charge. Before we complete the exterior pest prevention though, an initial clean out needs to be done so that your home starts out clean and insect-free.

Flea Control
Keeping pets safe from harmful insects is important too. We have a treatment plan designed to treat for fleas both inside and out of the house. The exterior treatment means your dog can play on the grass without getting the itchy blood-feeders from bothering them and, if your pet has managed to bring fleas into your home, we can treat the interior of the house so the fleas don’t find a home in your bedding, carpet, or your dog’s back.

Chinch Bugs Prevention
For the exterior of your home, we have highly-skilled technicians who can spot problems caused by insects on your lawn, trees, shrubs and bushes. Chinch bugs are a serious problem that needs to be addressed before it becomes out of control. Chinch bugs love feeding on the types of grass many properties have here in and around the Orlando area and they are known to leave large patches of yards with a brown, yellow or dead look. We stand by our Chinch bug prevention which means if you use Parmley Environmental Services for Chinch bug control, and your lawn is damaged by after we treat your grass, we will replace it– we believe that much in the integrity of our program. When we spray for lawn and landscaping, we generally will utilize our six treatment program spread across one year to maximize the benefit of our insecticide.

Licensed and Certified
As a state licensed and certified company, you can expect our crew to be knowledgeable, professional and skilled. We also maintain a Certification in Best Management Practice. This Florida certification means we are a recognized company who help protect Florida’s ground water ensuring the products we use like the insecticides will never be harmful to the area’s drinking water.

For bug control that is dependable and will keep you living a more comfortable life, give Parmley Environmental Services a call today.