Removal Service

We can provide you with the relief you seek with our one-time removal service if you have an existing problem or infestation. We have a 14-day follow-up policy to make sure pests are gone for good.

Calling a professional pest service is the best way to deal with the problem.

Are you having issues with pests in your property?

Parmley Environmental Services will deal with your indoor pest problem efficiently so that it won’t get in the way of you living your normal life.

Following the inspection of your property, our indoor pest experts will also set up traps in areas where we know the bugs will be active. These professional-grade traps will prove to be effective and will stop the pests right in their tracks. 

Safe & Environmentally-Friendly Pesticides

We will properly apply pesticides that are federally approved and safe for your property. With our extensive experience in the state of Florida, we know the pests that invade homes here and where they like to hide. If you have children or pets, don’t be worried. We will work with you to ensure that the pesticides are used safely in your property. 

Inspecting your property

After we inspect your property and take the necessary steps to deal with your pest problem, we will continue to actively monitor the situation and ensure that the best results are achieved. We can work with you to set up times that work with your schedule for our pest monitoring at your property. 

At Parmley Environmental Services, we won’t stop until your indoor pest problem is taken care of. We can schedule the visits in advance, we will be courteous about entering your property, and will act promptly to take care of the pests. 

Keep pests away from home

Pest problems are extremely common in Florida, but they don’t need to be a part of your everyday life, so let us help you deal with them today.

Kid and Pet Friendly

The safety of your family is our main concern. We make sure our products reflect that on every visit.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We care about your satisfaction and want to ensure you have the lawn you deserve.

Licensed and Certified

All of our technicians are state-licensed and certified to bring you the best results.

Free Pest Inspection

Early detection and professional pest control can help prevent a bigger issue.

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