Promoting sustainable growth

The truth is, most of the neighborhood environments are not adequate for bushes, shrubs, and trees that you may have. It is hard to beat what a forest can naturally provide them. Regular care and maintenance is the best possible alternative that homeowners can provide. 

Shrubs can be susceptible to diseases and pests that will alter their appearance and ultimately kill them if not taken care of. Our care regimen promotes sustainable growth, fighting off disease, and eliminating pests through diverse and evolving pest applications that reduce the likelihood of building tolerance.


Our tree care services

Our tree care services cover tree pruning and overall tree health. If trees aren’t cared for on your property, they can cause issues and headaches for you in the future. Well-placed trees and shrubs can give your home more shade, which can help you cut down on cooling costs in the hotter months. Having your yard well-maintained can also keep out criminals because it will make your home look regularly occupied.

Leave it to us to help you with all of your tree care needs.

Save money in the long-term

Caring for your shrubs and bushes can also end up saving you money over the long run, depending on your individual situation. To start off, a well-maintained yard will increase the property value of your home and your neighborhood.

Customized solutions to keep your yard nourished

Parmley Environmental Services will ensure that your yard is properly nourished, doesn’t have pest problems, and is free of diseases that will plague its appearance.

Kid and Pet Friendly

The safety of your family is our main concern. We make sure our products reflect that on every visit.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We care about your satisfaction and want to ensure you have the lawn you deserve.

Licensed and Certified

All of our technicians are state-licensed and certified to bring you the best results.

Keep your trees and shrubs growing strong and healthy

Get knowledgeable and professional technicians to manage your bush, shrub, and tree care.

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