Tree Care Saint Cloud FL

After spending your hard earned money on high quality landscaping, you are going to want a knowledgeable and professional company to manage your bush, shrub and tree care. Parmley Environmental Services brings decades of experience to tree care and has the products and the know-how to keep your trees and shrubs growing strong and healthy under the warm and humid climate of the Orlando Area.

Some of the tree services that Parmley Environmental Services offer include:
●    Palm drenching
●    Insecticide treatment
●    Fungicide treatment
●    Tree fertilization

At Parmley Environmental Services, we use a dry fertilization on shrubs along with liquid insecticide and fungicide treatments if needed to ensure your trees have the right mix of nutrients and liquid applications to combat anything that Mother Nature will throw its way. Having strong and vibrant trees means they will have a better chance at fighting off the invasive insects that are a constant issue in Florida as well as diseases which can flourish in the temperate/tropical climate mix of the Orlando area.

Palm Drenching
Because palm trees are prevalent, Parmley Environmental Services offers a tree care service called palm drenching. Palm drenching is a crucial treatment which helps pump nutrients and insecticides into the base of the tree. This is beneficial because it will prevent invasive insects like weevils from destroying the palm tree while also reducing the opportunity for fungus to grow on the buds. Palm trees can be quite expensive to remove if they become diseased or die so it is always best to use this preventive measure to keep the integrity of the palm tree intact. 

Insect & Disease Control
Keeping good care of your trees and shrubs is a great way to help them survive insects and diseases. Healthy trees and shrubs are better equipped at combating the things Mother Nature throws its way so there are many benefits to taking care of your landscaping beyond the aesthetics. Although, landscaping that looks great also means plenty of curb appeal while also increasing the property value.

Customer Satisfaction
Whether you have a commercial property that you want to keep looking beautiful for your customers, clients who visit your establishment or you have a residential property with gorgeous landscaping that you have invested money in and you want to keep healthy and in good condition, you can rely on Parmley Environmental Services to expertly manage your tree care and shrub care.

Licensed and Certified
In order to show our professional dedication to service, Parmley Environmental Services is state licensed and certified which includes Certification in Best Management Practice meaning we are committed to help protect the ground water Florida. Keep your trees, shrubs and bushes strong, healthy and thriving – give Parmley Environmental Services a call to see how our crew can benefit you and your property.